What One CEO 'Obsessed' With Volunteering Did To Maximize Her Impact

'Bankers Building Houses Is Not Necessarily The Best Use Of Their Time'

Rachael Chong, founder and CEO of Catchafire, explained how she left the world of investment banking -- a job she said she actually enjoyed -- to become an entrepreneur.

"While I was banking I still wanted to be able to give back and at the time the only opportunity was, once a year we'd get put on a bus and go build a house," Chong told HuffPost Live at Davos on Saturday. "All volunteer work is good, but when you think about maximizing impact, bankers building houses is not necessarily the best use of their time."

"I became really obsessed with then finding a way to volunteer my skills," Chong added.

Chong said the people who volunteer with Catchafire gain something by giving up their time and services.

"It gives people a sense of purpose," Chong said.

One of the few women at Davos, Chong spoke about the challenges she faces as a woman and said more women in business need to make their voices heard.

"I think we have to use our voice," she added. "Particularly with businesswomen, there are so few, and as role models they're so important."

Below, live updates from the 2015 Davos Annual Meeting:


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