Rachael Claire Martin, Barclays Bank Clerk, Allegedly Stole Money For Plastic Surgery (PHOTO)

Barclays Employee Steals £46,000 For Boob Job, Teeth Whitening

A 24-year-old clerk working for Barclays in Cornwall, U.K., allegedly stole £46,000 (nearly $72,000) from the bank and put the money toward breast implants, teeth whitening, liposuction and hair extensions so that she could increase her chances of being a model, according to Western Morning News.

Rachael Claire Martin initially denied the allegations, but she eventually pleaded guilty in court to stealing the money over an eight-week period, the paper reports.

The Daily Mail noted that Martin stole the money in sums of £2,000 and £1,000, but that one on occasion, she took as much as £6,000. She reportedly spent £4,000 for breast implants and got £1,700 worth of dental work. The Daily Mail also reports Martin put some of the money toward "wild shopping sprees."

But in the past, other bank tellers have been accused of stealing customers' money.

Just last month, a New Jersey teller stole $100,000 from a customer. It turned out that the person she stole from, however, may have also been a thief: The man had allegedly made much of his money through fraudulent tax returns, the Gloucester County Times reports.

This most recent incident with Martin also isn't the only time Barclays has dealt with employee theft.

In January, the Oxford Mail reported that another Barclays clerk stole more than £8,000 from a client with dementia so that she could pay bills and travel to Barbados for her daughter's wedding.

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