Rachael Lust, Hula Hooper, Has More Fun In The Kitchen Than Anyone We Know (VIDEO)

WATCH: We Have Never Had This Much Fun In The Kitchen

If, like us, you're having trouble motivating yourself to exercise this Sunday morning, here's a little inspiration for you. We cannot even believe the insane hula hooping skills Ohio native Rachael Lust shows off in the video above. She dances, she twirls, she appears to kick box inside the hoop and she does a shoulder move that we could never pull off and desperately wish we could. Also, has anyone ever had this much fun in her kitchen? We have not.

Lust, whose personal Facebook page says she lives in Marion, Ohio, has appeared on Fox 8 Cleveland's morning show to demonstrate her skills, and you can check out her Youtube page and her Facebook fan page, Rachaelshoopdancing for more videos of her incredible hoop stylings.

Since Reddit user gingersnapbear posted the video early Sunday morning, the video has gone viral. The response among Youtube commenters has ranged from enthusiastic and admiring to creepy and sexist, with some romantic overtures in the mix. Youtube user http://www.youtube.com/user/thephelan3 commented, "The man of your dreams is waiting in Portland maine for you :)" and jaspolar asked, "Will you marry me?"

Trust us, Lust's skills make watching the full video worth it. Youtube use James Bamford agrees:

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