Rachael Ray Talks Martha Stewart Rivalry (VIDEO)

Rachael Ray spoke to Joy Behar Thursday night about her rivalry with Martha Stewart, who recently said that Ray's style of cooking is "not good enough" for her.

"She's very, very, focused," Ray said of Stewart, "but I think that's a very legitimate, fantastic way of teaching. It is the opposite end of how I teach. I like to go at it from, 'Hey, if I can do it, believe me anybody can' because for me, that's my truth."

Behar, who said that a guest could tell Stewart she had six months to live and Stewart wouldn't flinch, agreed with Ray that she and Stewart are on opposite ends of the spectrum.

"Hers is the opposite," Behar said. "Hers is 'you can't do this.'"

Ray also defended the quality of her food.

"[Martha] has beautiful food," Ray said. "I'm very proud of my food, too. I think my food smells great and looks great and that anybody could reasonably do it in a reasonable amount of time."

Ray added that Stewart is always welcome to return to her show, but said, "I don't know if she would come back."