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Rachael Ray Catchphrases, Ranked By Annoyingness (GIFS)

Cringe, cringe, cringe.

We haven't exactly been hesitant to admit we don't love certain food-related words: we've already permanently banned the words succulent, unctuous, and foodie from our (and hopefully your) vocabularies. We've even offered backup proof to show it's not just us who are picky about which words you choose to describe your food.

But now it's time to fully call out the queen of all cheesy, made-up, and completely irritating food words: Rachael Ray, duh. She started with EVOO, and has long since been in a competition with herself to out-annoy the world with her baby-talk food catchphrases. We've ranked the most irritating of these catchphrases in order, from only slightly cringe-worthy to downright upsetting. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments!

Alright, this is technically an acronym and not an invented word, per se. But it's still annoying, and somehow more annoying when she says it (or when it comes in a bottle with her face on it). Sorry, Rachael.
Okay, Rachael Ray may have not been the first person to coin 'delish.' But she is definitely the person that has made people everywhere think it's an acceptable thing to say. It's not. via
According to Rachael Ray, choup is a dish in between a chowder and a soup. Rachael, stop trying to make choup happen, it's NOT going to happen. via
We're not really sure where Rachael Ray's obsession with portmanteaus comes from, but we really wish it would stop. This one comes from a combination of spoon and spatula, which she now even sells her own line of.
Thicker than a soup, thinner than a stew, still totally not worthy of its own word. via
Dude, sandwiches DO NOT NEED NICKNAMES. Stop trying to pretend like our favorite lunch meal is your best friend and just call it a sandwich like everyone else. via
Tumblr: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
This weird catch-phrase is essentially baby talk for your food. Yummy is bad enough, but yum-o? Cringe-worthy. via

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