Rachael Ray Writing Memoir: Report

Too funny, I'm told Rachael Ray's working on a memoir, did you know? Now, we're not talking about the silly recipe book she has coming out called My Big Orange Skin, or Book, or Whatever* she's calling it. Nope, this is basically how Ms. R got to be the supremely popular--yet widely and, oddly, hated--mega pot stirrer she currently is. I mean, aren't you just dying to know how the former candy sales clerk went from a simple peppermint patty to a giant sucker in seconds flat? I know I'm not.

But I'm hardly the ideal demo R2's going after, must admit. I mean, Martha Stewart only became interesting to moi when Cybill Shepherd played her in a bad TV movie and the icy honey got sent to the slammer. That beats scrumptious canapés any day, darlin's. So until Rachael actually gets caught bitch-slapping somebody (and I don't just mean verbally, dears), I, most likely, will not be picking up a copy of EVOhno, which, I kid you not, is what Ms. R--according to New Yawk know-it-alls--is currently battling her publisher to call the stupid thing.

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