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Rachel Bilson Just Did The Unthinkable On A New York City Sidewalk

Say it with us: Flats are your friends.

Rachel Bilson fell victim to a pair of killer-looking shoes between press events in New York City Thursday, leading her to commit what’s nothing short of a cardinal sin as far as New Yorkers are concerned.

She slipped off her sky-high silver Christian Louboutin heels and walked barefoot on the city sidewalk.

Those shoes must have been REALLY painful. 
Those shoes must have been REALLY painful. 

But hey, we’re not here to judge. Those heels, while undoubtedly gorgeous, look impossible to walk in. Here she is wobbling out of an interview at AOL Build.

Plus, we all know the dangers of extended high heels use, not to mention the more immediate risks like blisters and falling. They can cause longterm issues like calluses and bunions.

At least the sidewalk looks clean? Still, we have a feeling we know what Summer Roberts would say about this.

Might we suggest a pair of flats next time? It works for Wonder Woman.

They are SO high. 
They are SO high.