Rachel Bloom Hilariously Debunks The Myth Of Red Carpet Style

Now red carpets are ruined.

It may not be news to you, but that stuff about super glamorous fashion on the red carpet, and who’s wearing whom at awards shows? It’s pretty much all marketing.

Adam Conover, host of “Adam Ruins Everything,” ruins your notions of creative freedom with help from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” star Rachel Bloom in the funny clip above.

Bloom snaps between her high-glamour look and the way she woke up to show how fake it all can be.

“My stylist tells me what to wear, and then the designer’s marketing team says yes or no depending on whether or not they think I’ll sell the product,” she explains. “Sometimes the designer can refuse to loan somebody a dress if that person doesn’t fit their brand or has the wrong body type.”

That scenario just happened to “SNL” star Leslie Jones, who criticized designers for not wanting to dress her for the premiere of her movie “Ghostbusters” earlier this year. Fortunately, Christian Siriano stepped in to design a glamorous red dress for her.

So if you think this whole thing has less to do with fashion than marketing, Bloom would agree: “I’m basically a human NASCAR,” she says.

Watch the full clip above.