'Star Wars Resistance' Star Rachel Butera Mocks Christine Blasey Ford

"I sound like I'm back at that high school party," the voice actress, who plays Princess Leia in the Disney cartoon, said while mimicking the Kavanaugh accuser.

A voice actress who plays Princess Leia in a new Disney cartoon took to Twitter to openly mock Christine Blasey Ford, who has credibly accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault.

In a since-deleted tweet, Rachel Butera posted a video of herself mimicking Blasey’s voice.

“I sound like I’m back at that high school party; I can’t help it,” Butera said as she referred to the 1982 gathering where Blasey said she was assaulted.

“I just have this kind of a voice, like a baby, even though I’m a doctor and I’m on this media circus, political stage, and I have kids myself, that I don’t know why I speak with vocal fry,” Butera continued. “But you can listen to my testimony and hear that a grown woman sounds this way.”

Blasey testified about her alleged assault before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday. She said that at a high school party both she and Kavanaugh attended as teens, he forcibly held her down, covered her mouth and attempted to remove her clothes.

Butera now concedes that her impression of Blasey “was a mistake” and said that she “didn’t think this would offend anyone” in a followup tweet.

Along with her work on the new Disney cartoon “Star Wars Resistance,” Butera has also done voice work for the CBS reboot of “Murphy Brown.”

Disney and CBS did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

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