Rachel Feinstein And Nate Bargatze Give Advice To Their Younger Selves On 'Too Long; Didn't Listen' Ep. 15

Truth: you can make almost anything sound inspirational if you play the right music.

On the 15th episode of "Too Long; Didn't Listen," comedians Rachel Feinstein and Nate Bargatze discuss their latest stand-up endeavors and everything from creepy memories about the Easter Bunny to dreams of being a criminal profiler.

Feinstein has a new stand-up album coming out this year, is currently producing a pilot for Comedy Central with Amy Schumer and will make a cameo in the movie "Trainwreck" this summer. And to think, all this after shirking college as a teenager to move to New York City with a band called Dicksister and getting fired from her first job "On Broadway" (at a store called Phat) after just four hours.

Bargatze's new one-hour special, "Full Time Magic," is premiering on Comedy Central on Friday, May 2, at midnight, the title of which is a nod to his father, who is actually a magician. Things weren't always top hats and tuxedos though, as Bargatze explains. His father used to be a clown who made family pictures extra weird and once gave the Easter Bunny a ride home from the mall (side note: that might be the saddest end of a sentence ever written).

Listen until the end to hear the advice Bargatze and Feinstein would have given themselves when they were first starting out, including a speech that we made extra-inspirational with the addition of a little mood music:



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