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Rachel Feinstein Talks Posing For Marc Jacobs, Politics (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: Art World's Queen Talks Posing For Marc Jacobs

This weekend's New York Times profiles Rachel Feinstein and John Currin -- the art world's ruling couple. Feinstein, a sculptor, first dropped onto our radar when she posed for Marc Jacobs, a decision she mentions in the article:

"My big problem is that I want to say yes to everything," she said. "I want to be everyone's friend. When Marc Jacobs asked me to be in his campaign a couple years ago, I didn't say yes right away. I was excited, but I knew it would come at some price, so I really thought about it. What people don't understand is that there is no gain at all for an artist to do something like that in a public eye. As a movie star or fashion designer, the more publicity you get, the consensus is that it's a good thing. But I make maybe six pieces of art a year -- and the more the general public knows about me, the less it helps in the small sphere of the art world."

"[Currin and I are] famous for supposedly being crazy right-wing Republicans," Ms. Feinstein said. "I've had fights with people at art openings about it. I once had an art critic say to me, 'If you get your way, it will become like "The Road" ' -- that Cormac McCarthy book! I just think that in no society should there be one ruling party. And in New York, there's way too much of the Democrats -- we've got to have a little bit of something else."

Everyone's entitled to her own opinion, but one thing's for sure -- Feinstein has a great sense of personal style, stepping out in colorful ensembles paired with pickings from her enviable collection of accessories.

Take a look at what Rachel's worn since she stepped into the spotlight and tell us what you think.

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