Rachel Lindsay Breaks Down That Sly Remark About Peter Kraus' 'Bachelor' Chances

Rachel might have crushed Peter's shot at being the next Bachelor.

Monday night’s finale of “The Bachelorette” Season 13 was a doozy. Yes, it ended with a joyous marriage proposal, but a certain pre-engagement breakup tore out the hearts of Bachelor Nation. 

Peter Kraus and Rachel Lindsay seemingly had an incredible connection, but Kraus unfortunately just couldn’t fully commit to the 32-year-old attorney and give her the engagement she wanted. 

“I want to do that when I feel like it’s the correct time,” Kraus told Lindsay, saying he didn’t feel ready to get down on one knee. 

“I want someone who knows what they want to do,” she stated.

Eventually, a tearful Lindsay said goodbye to a crushed Kraus before accepting Bryan Abasolo’s proposal during the finale. 

“At the end, it was not tough for me,” Lindsay told People of making her final decision. “Going through it, I felt Bryan was perfect for me. Obviously nobody’s perfect — but perfect for me.”

In an intense reunion during the live “Bachelorette” special, Kraus confronted Lindsay, telling her that he still had feelings for her. Despite his emotional state, though, Lindsay was honest with Kraus and told him that she didn’t think finding love on “The Bachelorette” was a right fit for him. 

“I just don’t think that this world, this process, this journey, this show ― I just don’t think that it’s for you,” she said. “You need more time. You need to, like, see things through.” 

And with that statement, fans went wild, assuming Lindsay was shading Kraus’ chances of being the next Bachelor.

During an interview with HuffPost on Build Series Tuesday, Lindsay explained the comment, claiming she wasn’t saying Kraus shouldn’t be the next Bachelor. 

“I didn’t say that!” she said, laughing, as Abasolo joked, “Don’t put words in my mouth!” 

“I commend him [Kraus] for staying true to who he was,” Lindsay continued. “He said, ‘This is where I am,’ he took things at his own pace, and he was really steadfast in that until the very end ― and I appreciate that. But that doesn’t work with this [experience]. You have to take a leap of faith, you have to put yourself out there. I feel a little empathetic for him because I know what it’s like to be closed off ― I was like that on Nick [Viall]’s season ― but I eventually took that leap and then I did even more so being the Bachelorette.”

“I was just being honest,” she said of her sort-of, kind-of sly remark. “You know I’m direct! I’m honest.” 

Of course, Kraus has many fans who would love to see him star on Season 22 of “The Bachelor.” Only time, and Chris Harrison, will tell. 

For more on “The Bachelorette” finale, watch Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo’s full interview on Build Series below. 



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