Rachel Maddow, Bill Maher On President Reagan, Iran-Contra (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow took her show on the road this week as to promote her new book, Drift.

On Friday, Maddow showed a clip from one of her book events featuring Bill Maher. "On Tuesday night of this week, in Los Angeles, the one and only Bill Maher agreed to host one of these [book] events, basically to talk with me about front of an audience at the Saban Theatre. It was a huge favor to me from Bill Maher," Maddow said. "Now here's a little of that night with Bill Maher, to give you an idea of what has been happening after the show all week long and why I have been so hyper lately."

Maddow's book, which has been a labor of love for the MSNBC host, discusses how U.S. national security policy has changed since the Vietnam War, resulting in a major disconnect between the military, government, and American public.

During the conversation at the Saban, Maddow and Maher discussed President Reagan. "The really bad thing he did was Iran-contra," Maher said. "Should have been a bigger scandal...It was way worse than Watergate, really."

"Yes, I think it was," Maddow said. "Not worse than Monica Lewinsky, but worse than Watergate," Maher joked. "I always wondered if the reason Iran-contra didn't stick as a huge scandal is because A—it's hyphenated, and we don't like that— and B—the two hyphenated places—are far away. They don't feel connected," Maddow said.

"It was hard to follow," Maher said. "And [the public] liked Reagan. When he made that statement, [the public] kinda went, 'Oh yeah, I get it, he's old. He's been shot. He means well. He's a nice guy.'"

Maddow joked, speaking as a member of the public at the time, "I'd sell the weapons to the Iranians too, I guess."



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