Rachel Maddow Chastises Viewers For Bad Cocktail Etiquette (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow took some time on her Tuesday show to set viewers straight about cocktail etiquette -- specifically, whether you should eat the garnishes, like olives, that are placed in your drink.

The impetus for Maddow's slightly stern lesson was the bizarre story of the bees in Brooklyn that turned red due to the dye in maraschino cherry vats. "Moral of the story? Don't eat the garnish!" Maddow said, before taking viewers through some of the garnishes they were not allowed to consume.

Lemon twists? Just there to add some smell and flavor. "It has a job to do, and that job is not to be eaten!" Maddow said, throwing the used twist over her shoulder.

Cocktail olives? Also a no-go, since they have "conceivably been lying out festering in their own juices in a warm room all night, with fingers on them."

For all of Maddow's lessons, just watch below: