Rachel Maddow Is Super Amused By GOP Senator Who Fled CNN Reporter

A Republican senator's recent attempt to avoid CNN's Dana Bash did not go unnoticed by Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night.

"If it's Wednesday, it's time for another member of Congress to run away from Dana Bash at CNN," Maddow said. The MSNBC host was referring to Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran, who apparently did not want to talk to Bash after a Memorial Day event.

In a CNN report, Bash described waiting for Cochran after the event on Monday, only to witness his campaign "going to head-scratching extremes to avoid talking to reporters like us."

"We tried to catch Cochran after his event in Vicksburg, but when an aide came out and saw us waiting, they did a bait and switch -- the car they told us Cochran was getting into screeched away without him, while he snuck out another door and left in another car, leaving reporters in the dust," she described over video of Cochran leaving.

Maddow jokingly pointed out Wednesday that he is just the latest politician to "run away" from Bash "as she chased them." Michele Bachmann famously raced away from Bash last year.

Cochran is currently running in a primary race against challenger Chris McDaniel. The campaign took an ugly turn recently when McDaniel's supporters took photographs of Cochran's ailing wife in a nursing home, which were then used in a political video against the senator.



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