Rachel Maddow Spots The ‘Most Jarring’ Argument From Trump’s Impeachment Trial

The MSNBC host warned what an acquitted Donald Trump would do.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Thursday named the most compelling argument for convicting Donald Trump following the third day of the ex-president’s impeachment trial for inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

“I think the most jarring argument today was the argument that we heard in different ways from multiple House managers that there’s really no reason to think the threat is over, particularly if senators vote to acquit the former president and thereby assure there are no consequences for him from having done this,” she said.

House impeachment managers rested their case against Trump on Thursday.

Maddow said an acquitted Trump would “of course” try to provoke insurrectionist violence again.

“I mean, why wouldn’t he?” she asked.

“The country is talking about this and trying to contend with this as an incredible tragedy, as a disaster of magnificent consequences for our country and for our democracy, including as I said for our standing in the world,” Maddow continued. “But there’s no sign that President Trump sees it that way at all. There’s no sign he has any problem at all with the fact he did this once already.”