Maddow On Egypt: Some On The Right Are 'Siding With Mubarak' (VIDEO)

Maddow: Some On Right Are 'Siding With Mubarak'

On her Friday show, Rachel Maddow accused some right-wingers of siding with former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak over the protesters who toppled him.

She began by playing several clips of conservative commentators and analysts warning that Egyptians or Arabs or people in the Middle East either were not ready for democracy or could not be trusted with it. She then said that these views were evidence of the way that the conservative movement has shifted away from the neo-conservatism of the previous decade:

"Had what happened in Egypt today, had it happened even a couple of years ago, American conservatives might have been trying to claim credit, saying Egypt happened because Bush bombed Iraq or something, or, 'Mubarak? We always felt about him like we felt about Saddam!' It would have been a hard sell but I could see them doing it. But who could have imagined that instead of that you would have big portions of the American right just flat out siding with Mubarak?"

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