Rachel Maddow's Reaction To Being In People Magazine (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow visited "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon" Wednesday night and discussed her recent spread in People magazine as well as the passage of health care reform.

Asked about her People article, which featured her and partner Susan Mikula at home in Massachusetts, Maddow said it was "neat" and grew emotional and philosophical about appearing in the magazine.

"It's really flattering when people are just interested in what I'm like," she said. "But it's also -- People magazine is the definition of what mainstream America is. And I've never thought of myself as a mainstream person. I don't think many people do. But then you end up in People magazine, and it's like, oh right, there isn't actually a mainstream in America. We're all weird and quirky and subculture and minority and everything, and you add all those things together and it turns into America. There isn't one mainstream thing. We're a diverse country."

Maddow also discussed President Obama's political capital with Fallon.

"When you win something big in politics, that's the thing that gives you more political power," she said. "Had he lost this, it would've not just been a reflection that he didn't have enough power to get it done, it would have actually made him less powerful. Whoever wins gets more power to do the next thing. So now he gets to decide what he wants to use all this new political capital for. And it's sort of an exciting thing...we all think it's going to be Wall Street reform but who knows?"

She added that "the most fun thing about covering politics this year has been covering the Republicans."


Maddow also promoted her upcoming special, "The Timothy McVeigh Tapes," which will air on MSNBC on Monday April 19 from 9-11PM. The special, which comes on the 15th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, will bring viewers McVeigh's confession and explanation of the bombing in his own words for the first time.