Rachel Maddow Ridicules Republicans With Their Safe Word For Donald Trump

“I mean this is some masochistic stuff right here," the MSNBC anchor said of Republicans who just keep prostrating themselves before the ex-president.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Friday mocked Republicans who just keep on crawling back to ex-President Donald Trump.

Maddow noted how Trump this week urged GOP donors to send their cash directly to him, causing momentary tensions with the Republican Party until its leaders ended up bowing down once again to their one-term and twice-impeached president.

“I mean this is some masochistic stuff right here. Do you guys have a safe word? You might want to employ it at some point,” joked Maddow. “At some point, we’re going to hear the Republican Party in the corner going ‘avocado.’”

“What does he have to do to get you to not give him more of what he wants?” she added. “To stop praising him, to not actually giving him more of your money? What does he have to do? The meaner he gets, the bigger the swings and the more insulting he gets toward you, the more you praise and thank him.”

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