Rachel Maddow Calls Media Coverage Of Hillary Clinton 'Nonsense' And 'Stupidity'

Rachel Maddow said that the media buzz surrounding Hillary Clinton this week has felt more like "real nonsense" than real news.

“The media noise, and static, and nonsense around her is so loud, it’s very hard to have effective reporting that people might actually care about, about what she’d be like as a national leader,” Maddow said Wednesday.

Speaking with MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell about the controversy over Clinton's use of a single private email address while at the State Department, Maddow said she is worried about the press' response. She characterized the media's coverage of Clinton's problem, which now includes a lawsuit filed by the Associated Press against the State Department, as "scrum" and "stupidity."

"I worry about whether or not we're going to be well served by a beltway press corps that doesn't know how to talk about either Bill or Hillary Clinton without treading into real nonsense," she said.