Rachel Maddow Debunks Archbishop's Comments That 7-Eleven Sells Birth Control

Rachel Maddow Proves NY's Archbishop So, Incredibly Wrong

Rachel Maddow had a blast debunking some of the myths surrounding top news stories during her show Monday night.

She began with the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court case, where the Christian-owned crafts supply chain is fighting a provision of the Affordable Care Act which requires most employers to cover contraception in their health plans. Hobby Lobby owners are against emergency contraception and IUDs, seeing them as forms of abortion, and argue that the law is a violation of the company's religious freedom.

Maddow's beef was with New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan, who recently said in an interview on CBS' 'Face The Nation' that he supports Hobby Lobby because of how "widely available" contraception is today. Cardinal Dolan said that you can simply "walk into a 7-Eleven or any shop on any street in America" and access birth control.

It took Maddow all of about 30 seconds to prove the Cardinal so, incredibly wrong.

"While 7-Eleven has a lot of what you need on any given day -- beer, Slurpees, taquitos -- do yourself the favor of not walking into your local 7-Eleven and asking them to fit you with an IUD," Maddow said. "And if you do know somebody who says they get their birth control pills from 7-Eleven, that probably explains why they have super fresh breath but also elevendy-hundred children."

Watch the video above to see the clip from MSNBC.

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