Rachel Maddow: Chaotic Iowa Caucus Reveals GOP In Disarray (VIDEO)

Maddow put forth her theory behind the unpredictable nature of the GOP presidential race on Monday.

The race has been defined by the surge of numerous frontrunners, and many Iowans remain undecided going into the state caucus.

On Monday, Maddow said that Republicans' inability to settle on a candidate this late in the race reflected the party's abandonment of its own values and policies. She alleged that the Republican party "seems to lack a thorough understanding right now of what it stands for."

She hammered Republican candidates for trashing cap-and-trade and the individual mandate to buy health insurance, which she said were Republican-led initiatives, while on the campaign trail. She pointed to Mitt Romney's promise to veto the DREAM Act, which was supported by John McCain and Orrin Hatch.

"It may also be that Republican politics have come to the point in 2012 when as a candidate, you are supposed to rant and rave to blood-thirsty crowds about the evil of policies that your own party spent a really, really long time selling to the country," she blasted.

Maddow also threw a jab at the mainstream media for overlooking these discrepancies. "I think this may be being missed as an issue because our political analysis has become overpersonalized," she surmised. "And who knows? Maybe it really is all about which person you'd like to have a beer with."