Rachel Maddow's Powerful Warning On America And ISIS

Rachel Maddow delivered a powerful monologue Tuesday night about the American plan to intervene in Iraq and Syria to combat the militant Islamic State group.

Maddow said that the situation is "starting to look like an Iraq war," with the Obama administration launching its 153rd airstrike on Tuesday. Maddow pointed out that the nation is currently split over how to intervene-- with some Americans supporting airstrikes and others supporting the use of combat troops. The problem with that, she said, is that the outcome of any kind of intervention could be both.

"It may be very convenient to say you support airstrikes, but not combat, or to say you support airstrikes, but not boots on the ground," Maddow said. "But there already are more than 1100 US personnel in Iraq to support the airstrikes that are already happening. God forbid, if American aircraft start to get shot down by this militant group with their anti-aircraft artillery, then you better believe there are going to be boots on the ground and very quickly."

Maddow urged--demanded-- that Congress "start earning their salaries" and debate this issue immediately to come up with a concrete, strategic plan before history repeats itself.

"We have a great and recent history of making terrible decisions," she said forcefully. "Terrible, short-sighted, poorly argued and in some cases based on false premises decisions."

Watch the video for the full clip on MSNBC.