Rachel Maddow Hammers John Boehner And House Republicans For Rejecting Payroll Tax Extension Bill (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow hammered Speaker John Boehner and House Republicans Tuesday night for what she called "another Congressional crisis."

Maddow was referring to House Republicans' decision to reject a Senate bill that would have extended the payroll tax cuts. Maddow said that over one million Americans will see their taxes increase on January 1 if House Republicans don't "vote to extend the payroll tax."

"Sure this real and really bad thing is about to happen to the entire country but meh — they have other stuff to do," Maddow said of House Republicans.

Maddow criticized Boehner and House Republicans for using their time in Congress to vote on what she found less pressing issues. Maddow played clips of the House voting to place a bust of Winston Churchill in the U.S. Capitol.

"So Americans, when your paycheck shrinks substantially on January 1, at least you can take comfort that we'll have the Churchill bust to cuddle up to in the Capitol," Maddow said.

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