Rachel Maddow Makes Fun Of John McCain For Saying The Same Thing Over And Over

Rachel Maddow made fun of John McCain on Monday for the way he has insisted on arming the rebels in Syria.

"Senator John McCain's deep-end hawkishness is so prolific, so repeated, so predictable that he has turned the eardrums of most thinking people into nonstick Teflon," the MSNBC host said, before playing clips of McCain making repeated calls to arm the rebels battling the forces of Syria's President Assad.

The calls have gotten so tiring, Maddow said, that she compared listening to McCain to being Ginger the dog from Gary Larson's famous Far Side cartoon. All the dog hears when its owner talks is "Blah blah Ginger."

"It's like that with John McCain... [but] it's more like 'Blah blah blah arm the rebels, blah blah blah arm the rebels,'" Maddow joked.