Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O'Donnell, Ed Schultz Discuss Ron Paul's Appeal To Voters

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow asked her panel of pundits to weigh in on Ron Paul's appeal to voters on Tuesday night, during the network's live coverage of the results from the Iowa caucuses.

Maddow wondered, "Ron Paul voters are human beings, why does no body compete for them?" According to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, a candidate would have to "depart from Republican orthodoxy" to go after Paul supporters. He added that President Obama's campaign should be studying the "58 percent of voters under [the age of] 30 who are [voting for] Ron Paul. Those voters are available for the Obama campaign." O'Donnell was referring to an early entrance poll from NBC News that reported that 58 percent of Iowans who voted for Ron Paul were under the age of 30.

MSNBC's Ed Shultz weighed in and described what he believed were the key characteristics of Paul supporters. He said, "Ron Paul has tapped into something that the Republican party hasn't had. Young people, socially liberal, fiscally responsible, and they don't want anything to do with war. It's almost like a movement...Now how big a tent is that with the Republican party? Only time will tell."

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