Rachel Maddow: Mark Kirk 'Has Made Up An Amazing Array Of Stuff' (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow once again brought up Illinois Senate candidate Mark Kirk on her show Monday night, saying that his history of "misstatements" about his own military record and foreign policy could make for the biggest Senate race story of the year--topping Rand Paul of Kentucky and Sue Lowden of Nevada.

"But Mark Kirk beats them both," Maddow said. "...The man has an incredible imagination, he has made up an amazing array of stuff over the course of his public career. And the more you look at his public statements, the more whoppers you find."

Maddow was referring to the latest round of falsities discovered by the Chicago Sun-Times this weekend.

Aside from "misremember"-ing the fact that he did not win the U.S. Navy's Intelligence Officer of the Year award, he also claimed to serve in Operation Iraqi Freedom (false), Operation Desert Storm (false), to have come under fire while flying a plane over Iraq (false) and "commanded the war room" at the Pentagon (not so much). Maddow called the latest military embellishments "fake icing on the fake cake" and went on to explain his other errors.

"He also makes stuff up about the world at large," Maddow said, mentioning his confusion about the Chinese drilling for oil off the coast of Cuba (false), his claims that the U.S. needs to stop getting oil from Iran (the U.S. doesn't get oil from Iran) and there was an "entirely invented" story regarding the relationship between Somali pirates and France.

"Mark Kirk is becoming nationally famous as the guy who makes stuff up, who makes up everything," Maddow said.

For the full rundown of falsities (so far) watch Maddow's segment here: