Rachel Maddow's Mayflower Oil Spill Coverage Criticizes Exxon's 'Paper Towel' Cleanup Efforts

Maddow Slams Exxon's 'Paper Towel' Cleanup Efforts

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In the clip, Maddow attacks Exxon's cleanup efforts, which appear to include using paper towels to try and sop up the diluted bitumen that seeped from the pipeline earlier this month into a neighborhood. The YouTube video shown in the clip is from the account of the Tar Sands Blockade, an advocacy group opposed to the Keystone pipeline.

"If you want to grasp the enormity of just how much of the spill is being handled with paper towels -- honestly that's the technology they've got for cleanup..." Maddow said. "This is the extent of the technology that the oil companies have come up with for how to handle a tar sands oil spill."

Some environmental groups have asked the Obama administration to delay a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline pending investigation into the Arkansas spill.

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