Rachel Maddow Rips Mitt Romney For Lies In Campaign Ads (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow laid into Mitt Romney's campaign for failing to correct false claims made in campaign ads, even though the Republican presidential candidate recently told reporters otherwise.

Earlier this week, Romney told a CNN reporter that, when it comes to using accurate facts and figures, his campaign has "been absolutely spot on." He added, "And anytime there's anything that's been amiss, we correct it or remove it."

Maddow said that a campaign correcting inaccurate facts is a "normal process."

"That's what makes that statement so newsworthy, because the Romney campaign...hasn't been correcting or removing their own false claims from the record when they are proven to be false, which is a strange decision for a campaign operating at the presidential level," she said.

Maddow went through a number of campaign ads that included false claims that the Romney campaign did not correct or remove. For instance, Romney's first general election campaign ad included Obama saying, "If we keep talking about the economy, we are going to lose."

In actuality, Obama said that comment on the campaign trail in 2008, and was quoting then-Republican presidential candidate, John McCain. "Sen. McCain's campaign actually said, and I quote, 'If we keep talking about the economy, we are going to lose.'"

Maddow said the discrepancy between what Obama actually said and the way the Romney campaign presented it in its campaign add was pretty severe. "That's a really big, really bad lie," she said.

Despite the blatant inaccuracy, the Romney campaign kept the ad intact and on its YouTube channel.



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