Rachel Maddow: Mitt Romney 'Lies All The Time' (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow unleashed a monster of an attack on Mitt Romney during her Wednesday show, calling him a liar over and over and over again.

Romney's senior adviser Eric Ferhnstrom got into trouble on Wednesday when he said that the campaign could reset itself during the general election, "like an Etch-a-Sketch." Romney's rivals pounced, saying that the remark was prime evidence of his serial flip-flopping.

Maddow used the gaffe to take a sledgehammer to Romney.

Using the term so much often draws criticism, but Maddow said that it was important to do in Romney's case.

"I'm not the sort of person who jumps on the gaffe of the moment, but this feels like a watershed sort of thing," she said. "...The degree to which Mr. Romney lies all the time about all sorts of stuff and doesn't care whether he gets caught is perhaps the most notable thing about his campaign."

Maddow ran through a long list of things Romney has said that are contradicted by the facts, such as his insistence that he never called for a national healthcare law, or his claim that the economy has gotten worse since President Obama took office.

"This is not a normal amount of politician lying," she said. "He lies about himself, he lies about the president, he lies about everything!" She went on to say that Romney lies "arguably more than any modern candidate for major office, and there are a lot of creeps among them," and that he is guilty of "utterly unashamed, unprecedented deceit."

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