Rachel Maddow Skewers Mitt Romney (VIDEO)

Maddow Skewers Mitt Romney

Rachel Maddow took down Mitt Romney in a hilarious segment on her Tuesday show.

Maddow surveyed a series of recent seeming missteps that Romney and his campaign have taken and concluded that, in fact, they are part of a deliberate strategy to embrace his status as an extremely wealthy plutocrat.

She ran through the "corporations are people" incident, that whole issue with Romney's giant house, and an admission that he is worth between $190 and $250 million dollars. Initially, she said, she had thought that these were all gaffes, since she thinks Romney's wealth and his history of shutting down American companies constitutes "major baggage" for him.

"He can't really afford to showcase the corporations are people, heartless zilllionaire side of his personality," she said. The only answer Maddow said she could come up with was that Romney had decided to do something she and her team had dubbed "going for the full Thurston." Thurston, of course, refers to Thurston Howell III, the millionaire from "Gilligan's Island" who was very comfortable in his wealth.

"He has to be let out into the wild around real humans every once in a while and he keeps saying stuff like that," Maddow said. "They're just going to run with this."

Maddow also brought on Eugene Robinson, and the two assigned "Gilligan's Island" casting assignments to virtually the entire Republican field.


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