Rachel Maddow Is The Only Cable News Host On List Of Most-Streamed Primetime Programs

A list of May's most-streamed primetime programs by Multichannel News seems like your typical list of TV-lovers' favorites, but look closely and you'll see something interesting.


MSNBC's Rachel Maddow made the cut, right above "Million Dollar Listing New York" on Bravo. She is the only cable news host on the list, making her program the most-streamed primetime cable news show.

According to Multichannel, streaming is "defined as using the TiVo app to watch a live or recorded program on a tablet or mobile device."

This is much-needed good news for MSNBC, which continues to lag behind in the ratings. Video streaming on mobile devices and tablets is dramatically increasing each year. With traditional TV viewership declining as more and more people are tuning in elsewhere, it's exciting to see viewers are still seeking cable news away from the television screen.