Rachel Maddow Nails South Carolina Health Care

On last night's Rachel Maddow Show, Maddow took viewers through what she called a "magic map trick," in which she crunched the numbers on a handful of health-care statistics, such as teenage pregnancy rates, infant birth weight, premature births and infant mortality.

Her findings? At the tail end of all of these quality-of-life measures are various Southern states. And the worst among them? Mississippi and South Carolina! And hey, speaking of South Carolina, isn't that where some of America's Next Top Health Care Reform Obstructionists come from? Why, yes! That's where you will encounter Jim "Waterloo" DeMint and Joe "Will Forte Correctly Captured You As A Cringing Milquetoast, Didn't He?" Wilson in their natural habitats.


So there you have it! South Carolina is trying to kill you. Having been to Myrtle Beach, I should have suspected this.

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