Rachel Maddow Hammers Newt Gingrich Over Ethics Violations (VIDEO)

Maddow Hammers Gingrich Over Sleazy History

Rachel Maddow observed what she called the anniversary "of the start of Newt Gingrich's collapse in political life" on her show Tuesday night. Maddow was referring to the fact that December 6, 1995 marked the initiation of a preliminary inquiry into the allegations against Gingrich for ethics violations.

At the time, Gingrich was under fire for his alleged misuse of political contributions. Maddow played clips from NBC news' 1995 archives to tell remind viewers of what she called Gingrich's "ethically dubious past," and the "Republican disgust for Newt Gingrich as Speaker [of the House]."

She also highlighted that when the House voted on whether or not Gingrich was guilty of ethics violations, 395 members of the House voted against him. "This was not a partisan vote," Maddow said, adding that 196 Republicans voted against Gingrich at the time.

"So when Gingrich talks now about those ethics violations back then being part of some partisan witch hunt, what you need to say back to him is, 'Hey. 395 to 28. Wasn't that the vote?'" Maddow said.


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