Rachel Maddow: Glenn Beck, Conservatives Having 'Freakout' Over Occupy Wall Street (VIDEO)

WATCH: Maddow Scornfully Mocks Glenn Beck

Rachel Maddow examined what she called the conservative "freakout" about Occupy Wall Street on her Monday show, throwing in a heavy dose of mockery towards Glenn Beck.

The movement shows no signs of slowing down, and Maddow started her segment by running through the key signs that indicate the protests' growth from a small group of demonstrators to a national movement that has impacted public discourse.

Maddow highlighted Republican presidential candidates, like Mitt Romney, "having to come up with an attempted snappy rejoinder to [the] protest - failing, but having to come up with it," as a key indicator of Occupy Wall Street's growth. She also pointed out that the phrase "corporate greed" was mentioned in the news a total of 164 times between August 10 and September 10. The total usage for this term grew more than 10 times, with 1,801 mentions during September 10 and October 10.

More broadly, Maddow felt that there was a "full scale right wing freakout" going on in response to Occupy Wall Street. She played clips of Reps. Paul Ryan and Eric Cantor denouncing the movement. Then, she turned to Beck, who gained attention Monday by warning that the protesters will "kill everybody" in their quest for revolution.

Maddow mockingly responded, "You know Glenn Beck still exists! That was apparently him on his radio show today." She then impersonated an angry version of the media figure and said, "they're coming to kill you!" Maddow was making the point that the right will attempt to make Occupy Wall Street look scary to negatively portray the movement. Maddow concluded, "they don't even need Glenn Beck but Glenn Beck helps!"


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