Rachel Maddow's Horrifying Segment About Botched Oklahoma Execution

Rachel Maddow had a sobering, shocking segment about the botched execution in Oklahoma on Tuesday night.

Prison authorities were forced to stop the execution of Clayton Lockett after the attempt to kill him went horribly wrong. He soon died of a heart attack, but the state also stayed the execution of a second prisoner who was due to be lethally injected on the same night.

As Maddow recounted the details of what happened to Lockett—who was seen, as the AP described it, "writhing and clenching his teeth on the gurney"—she was clearly shaken.

She then spoke to Madeline Cohen, the attorney for Charles Warner, the man who had been scheduled to be executed after Lockett. Cohen told Maddow that watching Lockett struggle was like watching someone be tortured.