Rachel Maddow Gives Pete Holmes Hosting Advice Until Their Interview Devolves Into Nonsense

Pete Holmes went to Rachel Maddow's office to get some hosting tips for his new talk show following "Conan" on TBS. He did the same thing with Jon Stewart, but Stewart seemed to treat the interview as an afterthought, whereas Maddow seemed delighted to chat with Pete about not only the grind of a daily show, but other topics as well. For instance: details about furniture decisions within her "FLR" (functioning lesbian relationship) and how little she knows -- or cares to know -- about male genitalia.

Watch the interview until the end, when Pete makes her read a fake news report about three cats named Bing-Bong, Ding-Dong and Clumpy Buttercup. The chemistry between the two of them is palpable, and we really hope to see Rachel and Pete team up again soon.



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