Rachel Maddow To Politifact: 'You Are Terrible' And Someone Should 'Sue You' (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow has grown infuriated with Politifact multiple times in the past, but the rage she displayed towards her arch-nemesis on her Monday MSNBC show was truly unparalleled.

Even though the fact-checking site confirmed Martina Navratilova's claim that an employer could fire a person in 29 U.S. states for being gay, the site rated the tennis star's comment as only "half true."

"This is why the very important concept of fact-checking has become pointless at a time in our country when we really need it to mean something," Maddow said. "Because Politifact exists and has branded themselves as the generic arbiter of fact, and the paragon of fact-checking, and they are terrible at it! They are terrible!"

She added:

They fact-checked a statement about state law, found it to be true, decided it didn't seem seemly or whatever to actually call it true, so then they researched other unrelated information about how there are other kinds of things besides states like, 'Some companies decide they don't want to discriminate and doesn't that count for something?' NO! Because that is not the statement you are fact-checking. The statement you were supposed to be fact-checking is true and until someone figures out how to sue you to retrieve the meaning of the word 'fact' from the dark and and airless hole you have stuffed it into, Politifact, than no, it is not okay for you to just make this stuff up. You are truly terrible.

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