Rachel Maddow: Politifact 'A Zombie Eating Our National Brains' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Rachel Maddow Blows Up At Her Arch-Nemesis

Rachel Maddow took on her arch-nemesis Politifact again on Thursday, begging the fact-checking organization to "go away" after what she saw as another egregious misstep.

Maddow has previously called Politifact a "disaster" and an "embarrassment" after the group, which rates the statements of politicans on a "Truth-O-Meter," issued rulings she found highly off-base.

In a previous show, Maddow had called Politifact "dead." On Thursday, though, she said that it "lives, after death, like a zombie, eating our national brains."

The target of Maddow's ire this time was a ruling by Politifact about an anti-abortion group's claim that the White House was screening unborn babies as part of its security process.

The director of the Visitors Office wrote a letter saying that, "Crazy as it may sound, you MUST include the baby in the overall count of guests in the tour." However, despite the protests of right-wing newspapers and pro-life groups, the rule is only intended for mothers who will be bringing newborn babies on future tours.

"When a 7-month pregnant woman is providing information for a tour that is 4 months in the future, there is a ‘place holder’ for the new baby," a Secret Service spokesman told Politifact, which said that the letter had been "wildly misconstrued."

What enraged Maddow was that Politifact rated the reports "Mostly False."

"Mostly?!" she cried. "You can get something 'wildly' wrong and still only be mostly wrong about it? What does it take to get a False rating at a Politifact?"

She closed in a similarly aggressive manner.

"Politifact, God bless you," she said. "You are not dead, but every time your trademarked Truth-o-Meter points at something, something dies in this country. Go away, Politifact."

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