Rachel Maddow Explains Putin's Possible 'Blackmail In A Bottle’ On Donald Trump

The MSNBC host accused Trump of performing "backflips on demand” for Russia.

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow examined the possible consequences of a report in The Washington Post that claimed President Donald Trump had seized his interpreter’s notes following a 2017 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On Tuesday night, the “Rachel Maddow Show” host said there was “no reason” to suggest that Putin had done the same, which meant that Russia “undoubtedly” had “a record of the truth of what happened.”

Maddow said Trump, who she accused of performing “backflips on demand” for Russia, appeared “desperate” to keep details of his conversation with Putin secret. She also likened Russia’s possession of the notes from the rendezvous to “blackmail in a bottle.”

“Right? Think about it,” she said. “Whatever happened between Trump and Putin in the meetings, Russia knows. Russia has a record of it and now they’ve got that to wield against him if they need to give his leash another little tug.”

Check out the clip above.