Rachel Maddow: Rand Paul's Dueling Talk 'Sign Of Immaturity' (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow Responds To Rand Paul's Dueling Talk

Rachel Maddow responded on Monday night to Rand Paul's talk of dueling, which she said were a sign of the senator's "immaturity."

Maddow recently charged Paul with plagiarizing parts of his speech from Wikipedia. He dismissed those allegations over the weekend, saying he would settle the conflict with a "dueling challenge" if "dueling were legal in Kentucky."

"There is nothing wrong with the reporting," Maddow said bluntly on Monday night. She cited other times where politicians she critiqued attacked her, saying, "You can try to make this about me, but how about addressing the substance?"

"And now Rand Paul wants to shoot at me or stab me with a sword or something for reporting something true that he has done wrong as a politician," Maddow continued. "Responding to the person rather than to the charge is a time tested tactic. Honestly, it is a symptom of immaturity in our political discourse that it's expected that this is part of the way he'll respond."

Watch her full response to the senator in the clip above.

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