Rachel Maddow: Rick Perry May Be The Face Of A Christian Movement Seeking Political Domination (VIDEO)


Rachel Maddow raised concerns on her Wednesday show that Texas Gov. Rick Perry may be the face of a shadowy group of bizarre Christian conservatives seeking to infiltrate the government.

True, it all sounds a little "Da Vinci Code," but Maddow's case came from a lengthy article in the Texas Observer that discussed the connection between Perry--who is due to jump into the GOP presidential race on Sunday--and a movement called the New Apostolic Reformation.

In the Observer's words:

The new prophets and apostles believe Christians--certain Christians--are destined to not just take "dominion" over government, but stealthily climb to the commanding heights of what they term the "Seven Mountains" of society, including the media and the arts and entertainment world. They believe they're intended to lord over it all. As a first step, they're leading an "army of God" to commandeer civilian government.

Perry's recent (and controversial) Houston prayer event was endorsed by many of the members of the movement. Maddow played several minutes of clips of some of the leading members of the group. Subjects discussed included Oprah's status as the Antichrist, the Emperor of Japan's misconduct with a "sun goddess," and Hitler's fondness for gay soldiers.

Maddow quoted from the Observer article, which reports that Perry met with a group of New Apostolic Movement preachers in 2009, where they told him that he had a crucial role to play in their plans.

Perry, she said, had just held a prayer event with "a specific Christian political movement...that seems to want a Rick Perry candidacy to be their political vehicle."


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