Rachel Maddow's Hilarious Rick Santorum Update and Tour Around World Net Daily (VIDEO)

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In a lively and particularly entertaining segment, Rachel Maddow updated viewers on former GOP primary candidate Rick Santorum during her MSNBC show.

Maddow said that Santorum announced his new gig writing a column for World Net Daily (WND) on Monday. WND is a website known for hosting a number of conspiracies about President Obama, particularly birther-related theories.

The MSNBC host said that the website has branched out as of late, and now hosts a wider variety of conspiracy theories, including that "Obama is secretly foreign ... secretly gay ... secretly gay married [during college] ... and he secretly murdered his secret gay ex-boyfriend."

Most interesting however, was Maddow's tour around the website's superstore. "World Net Daily also has a superstore for all your conspiracy-related safety and self defense shopping needs," Maddow said. "For example, you can buy a 'how to' DVD called 'Defensive Cane Fighting,' where you apparently learn to ward off would be, knife-wielding attackers—with your cane. You can also buy a radiation-detecting sticker to keep with you for any future radiation emergency—got your sticker?! Or maybe you're in the market for a flashlight that doubles as a tool for field stripping a glock handgun. That's what's going on at World Net Daily these days!"

Maddow later described how Santorum could have been the GOP presidential nominee, as he essentially came in second place during the primary behind Mitt Romney. "The guy who could have been Mitt Romney if some reason it didn't work out for Mitt Romney—he landed at World Net Daily."

She added, "We have a two party system in this country ... That is half of what is supposed to be plausible in American politics—Rick Santorum at World Net Daily. Also CANE FIGHTING!"

A preview of the cane fighting DVD, which is also available in a bundled set with pepper spray, is below.

After a brief musical introduction á la a really cheap 1970s action movie, a host tells us that the "cane has several things going for it." First and foremost, he says, "is that you can't take your firearm everywhere. Some buildings, some establishments, some locales don't allow firearms. And if you are outside the jurisdiction for which you are permitted, you won't be able to take your firearm with you." He then launches into quite an elaborate display of cane maneuvers.



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