Rachel Maddow: 'I Was Wrong' About Rush Limbaugh Clip (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow: 'I Was Wrong...I Am Very Sorry'

Rachel Maddow issued a correction and an unreserved apology to her viewers on Friday for a mistake she made about Rush Limbaugh.

On her Thursday show, Maddow played a clip of Rush Limbaugh that she said was from Wednesday. The clip featured Limbaugh saying that there wasn't proof that President Obama was born on August 4, 1961. Maddow used the clip as evidence of the durability of the birther theory among some conservatives.

The problem, though, was that the clip was from a year ago, not the day before. On Friday, Maddow 'fessed up.

"I'm in a massive brawl with Rush Limbaugh right now, and you know what? Rush Limbaugh wins!" she said. "I was wrong. I lose!"

Maddow explained that right-wing site WorldNetDaily had run an article with the Limbaugh clip on Thursday. The article said that the clip was from the day before, not a year before.

“It was wrong of us to not check WorldNetDaily’s reporting, and I am very sorry," she said. But she stood by what she called her "overall thesis" about Limbaugh—that he uses racially charged rhetoric about Obama—and played several recent clips of the talk show host to prove her point.


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