Rachel Maddow Issues Warning Over Trump's Climate Gag Order: 'Data Is Disappearing'

"Those people were not wrong to be freaked out."

Rachel Maddow said scientists who scrambled to save their data and copy it to non-government databases in the final days of the Obama administration weren’t being paranoid. 

“Now we know, day four of the new administration, those people were not wrong to be freaked out,” Maddow said on her show Tuesday night. “And they probably, in the interest of science, were not wrong to be downloading and trying to save data privately because the data is disappearing.”

In a clip posted online by Raw Story, Maddow pointed to the Environmental Protection Agency, which was ordered by the Trump administration to freeze its extensive grant program that funds everything from scientific research to air quality monitoring. In addition, the agency was told to cease all public communications. 

The EPA has been “effectively stopped” with no official announcement from the agency or the White House.

“The scientists are being told they are not allowed to speak or publish, it is already happening,” Maddow said. “It’s day four, it is already happening.” 

See her full warning in the clip above. 

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