Rachel Maddow To Senate Republicans About Chuck Hagel: 'Congratulations! You Won Nothing' (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow made her dissatisfaction with Senate Republicans quite clear on her Tuesday night MSNBC show.

In light of Chuck Hagel's confirmation as defense secretary earlier on Tuesday, Maddow took some time to recall how Senate Republicans filibustered the confirmation process earlier this month. She basically had one question for Senate Republicans -- why did you do it?

"Nobody has ever before used a filibuster to block the confirmation of a cabinet nominee, ever, in our country. But [Senate Republicans] did it to Chuck Hagel," Maddow said. "Why?"

She then offered her best reason and said, "Hulk Smash! Who knows?! The Republicans in the Senate pulled the fire alarm on this one. They broke glass in case of emergency ... and because they did it, there is now precedent for senators to filibuster the next maybe Republican's president's nominees too."

Maddow continued, citing how Hagel was not only a nominee who was a former senator but also one with bipartisan support.
"And the Republicans in the Senate [blocked him] in a way that did not actually stop the confirmation," she said. "So Mazel Tov! Congratulations! You won nothing! But you did further break the institution where you work."

Earlier this week, Maddow said the Republican Party was "engulfed in flames" and wondered who was in charge.



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