Rachel Maddow: Sharron Angle Ad 'The Most Overtly Racist' Of 2010 (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow Blasts 'Most Overtly Racist Ad' Of 2010

Rachel Maddow sharply criticized Senate candidate Sharron Angle on Sunday, saying that the Nevada Republican aired the "most overtly racist ad of this campaign season."

Speaking on "Meet the Press," Maddow excoriated the spot for "showing a group of white college students being menaced by some tough-looking Latinos." Earlier in October, Angle aired an ad called "Thanks, Pal," which many felt went too far. Fox 5 in Las Vegas described the commercial:

Sharron Angle's latest attack against Senate opponent Harry Reid features a group of white graduates celebrating and posing for pictures, presumably leaving high school for higher education.

That image is followed by a photo of three scowling Hispanic men, whom the ad suggests are trying to seize preferred college tuition rates from the students. A banner proclaiming the men "illegal aliens" accompanies the photo.

The ad, which ThinkProgress called "racially tinged," has since been removed from YouTube. But two other ads that unfavorably portray undocumented workers remain, including one that Angle struggled to defend while speaking with Nevadans earlier in the month.

Maddow also criticized Angle for "saying conservatives should be expected to use guns to try to get what they want if they don't get what they want from the election." Those remarks, which Angle referred to as "Second Amendment remedies," surfaced in June.


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