Rachel Maddow To Anthony Weiner: People Are Wondering If 'You're A Creep' (VIDEO)

WATCH: Maddow Asks Weiner Some Awkward Questions

Rachel Maddow became the latest interviewer to take a crack at the Anthony Weiner Twitter controversy on her Wednesday show, and, though her chat with Weiner was mostly friendly, she did ask him a series of rather awkwardly direct questions.

It was an appearance on Maddow's show last Friday that helped to ignite the controversy. Weiner tweeted that he would be appearing on the show, and added that his segment would air at about 5:45 in Seattle--which is where the woman who received the now-infamous tweet of a man's underpants lives. (She has said she never saw the photo.)

In the Maddow interview, Weiner essentially repeated what he had told a string of other questioners. She tried to get him to finally be direct about whether or not the picture was of him.

"Because you haven't answered a question about whether the photo in question is you or not, you realize that now everybody thinks that the photo is you," she said.

Weiner then admitted that the photo may have "start[ed] out being a photograph of mine," which didn't clear anything up. Maddow then asked the other obvious question.

"Is it possible that this started out as a private photograph of yours?" she said. "It could be," Weiner replied.

Maddow turned to Weiner's political future, and wondered how he could assure his constituents that he wasn't "doing creepy things online." How, she asked, could he convince them that "they shouldn't think that you're a creep?"


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