Rachel Maddow Names The ‘Petty’ Donald Trump Move She’d Love To See Joe Biden Copy

"Get petty for once. It’s OK. This is a big effing deal," the MSNBC anchor urged President Joe Biden.

President Joe Biden apparently isn’t planning on following in the footsteps of his predecessor, ex-President Donald Trump, in terms of having his name plastered on stimulus checks aimed at assisting Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

But MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow thinks he should.

“It’s obviously sort of a petty move for a president to do something like that,” Maddow said Tuesday. “But honestly, as I get older, as I live through more and more years of Republican governance, I’m getting more and more petty all the time about stuff like this.”

Maddow noted how GOP presidents “put their name on everything” and Democratic presidents are “all modest.”

“If I was a Democratic president, I would put my name on that check with a big hologram on it, too, so it glowed when you open the envelope,” she said. “I’d make it like one of those greeting cards that plays a song when you pull it out of the envelope and it would sing my name.”

“I would put sequins on the thing,” she continued. “It would be all about remembering which party made this happen and which party all voted against it.”

“But like I said, as I develop an increasingly severe case of the O-L-D, I’m getting cattier and pettier with each passing day, and Biden is not doing that,” Maddow concluded. “It’s why somebody like him is president and nobody asks my advice on these things. Get petty for once. It’s OK. This is a big effing deal, as someone once said.”

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