Rachel Maddow 'Pissed' Over How Veterans Are Treated (VIDEO)

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Rachel Maddow broke from her usual even-handed tone on Tuesday night, and even went so far as to say that she was "pissed" over the way veterans have been treated in this country upon returning home.

Maddow was talking about several scams where supposed charities were actually stealing donations intended for veterans. Former Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll recently resigned after one of her public relations firm's clients was revealed to be one such scam. A former aide to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was also convicted of embezzling money from Operation Freedom, a fund for families of American troops who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan, to fund his vacations.

Maddow was incensed, saying:

"We want to do right by our veterans. We want to make sure that they and their families have what they need. We want to make sure that when they are promised things as a condition of signing up that those promises are kept. When so help me God the low life grifters among us want to exploit the way we feel about wanting to do right by our veterans... but then divert it so veterans do not actually get helped, really what we need in those cases is a special place in hell so we can cram those people into it."

She highlighted cuts to college grants made to children of servicemen killed in action, which were announced Tuesday. Tuition assistance for soldiers was cut last week, Maddow said, and the wait time for veterans trying to get their benefits remains lengthy.

She continued:

We are still made to feel we are doing right [by veterans] on account of all the yellow ribbons, and the stump speech call-outs to returning troops, and the airline commercials where customers step aside so the soldiers can go first. If we mistake the emotional squee we get when we see those images as proof that we are actually doing right by veterans, then you and I are scamming ourselves as much those grifters scammed their marks in Florida and Wisconsin and everywhere else, and there ought to be a special place in hell for messing that up.

Maddow brought Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth, an Iraq War veteran, on the show. "You can probably hear me getting all riled up, being pissed about people taking advantage of our veterans when they're not getting what we promised them," she told Duckworth.



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